We offer some very specialist services at Timperley Motors:


Although we don’t have the on-site body shop facilities, we can arrange for work to be quoted for, completed and fully guaranteed.

All work is completed to a very high standard. This includes any size of repair and includes insurance work.

Air Conditioning

Almost all new cars produced today have some kind of air conditioning system fitted as standard. These systems vary from simple point and blast to sophisticated climate control systems. Like most systems fitted to modern day vehicles they are extremely reliable but in time they need maintenance and repairs by qualified technicians.

We at Timperley Motors have been working on air conditioning systems for many years and are familiar with the methods and techniques required to carry out full and comprehensive repairs.

Tips to get the best from your system

  • Run it regularly. Most systems are designed to be run all the time, winter and summer.
  • If you don't want it on all the time, try and run it for at least 10 minutes each week.
  • Have it checked regularly. We offer an Air Conditioning Health Check that will quickly alert you to any problems
  • Have it serviced regularly. A service is recommended at least every 2 years or 24,000 miles is the maximum gap you should sensibly leave.

One of the major causes of component failure in automotive air conditioning systems is the contamination of the refrigerant, whenever a vehicle is submitted for repair it is subjected to a full refrigerant analysis.

This covers several bases:

  • It allows any reported problems to be quickly diagnosed and quoted for.
  • It prevents contaminated refrigerant being passed through our machine and consequently passed on to any future customers.
  • It is the attention to detail that allows us to offer a guarantee as to the quality of work that we carry out.

All repairs are performed using Sun Electric Diagnosis equipment and are fully guaranteed.

Classic Car Tuning

At Timperley Motors, we currently undertake service and repair work on many types of Classic car, this includes tuning and diagnostics, we have dedicated staff with the necessary knowledge and expertise to rectify any problems and ensure trouble free motoring.


  • All vehicles are repaired with quality replacement parts, original equipment specification if available.
  • All vehicles are treated with care and respect.
  • Any repair work required is discussed and quoted for, with the customer prior to any work being carried out.
  • All mechanics are accessible by the customer to discuss any queries regarding their vehicle.

Injector Testing & Servicing

Most modern vehicles use some kind of petrol injector in their engine management systems. Over time the filters and pintles can become contaminated with petrol deposits, resulting in hesitations on acceleration, idle problems or even mysterious misfires.

One cure is to replace the injector/injectors that are faulty. Typical injector prices range from £50 to £150 each, so replacing them can become an expensive solution.

A different course of action could be to have the injectors, tested, repaired and or cleaned. We have the equipment to do this and fully guarantee the repair for years more reliable service. Turn round is typically 3-4 days and involves replacing all seals and filters and then an ultrasonic clean to achieve the correct spray pattern and fuel quantities.

For details of this service, please ring 0161 330 2172