What is an auto gas conversion?

Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) or auto gas, as it is called when applied to vehicle fuel is readily available at the majority of Morrison’s Supermarkets, BP, Shell and Cheshire Gas. To enable a vehicle to use this cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative fuel source, the conventional petrol vehicle must be fitted with a LPG conversion kit.

The bi-fuel ability of a LPG conversion allows both petrol and LPG to be used. Furthermore the majority of modern vehicles today can be easily converted to run on LPG with no detrimental effects to the engine or any of its components.

The LPG fuel is stored in a fully certified tank assembly, usually mounted at the rear of the vehicle, this can take several forms as a cylinder or toro dial (wheel shaped) configuration, this is then connected via pipework to the gas reducer and injectors on the engine assembly, which is in turn controlled by dedicated electronic control units which regulate exhaust emissions to ensure that they comply with government regulations.